DUE to the disruption caused by coronavirus the NSA Scottish Region has decided to postpone NSA Scotsheep 2020, planned to take place on Wednesday, June 3.

The organising committee is keen to set a new date and continue to work to deliver this prestigious event as soon as possible and have very tentatively set a new date of Wednesday, July 8.

NSA understands that this date is optimistic and that it may need to be reviewed again in light of the future situation with COVID 19, but NSA Scottish Region has lodged an application for the necessary licences and will keep the situation under close review.

Willy Millar, NSA Scotsheep 2020 Chairman, said: “We are really disappointed to have had to postpone this event although current circumstances give us no choice. We also realise that choosing a date in early July brings risks and we may have to review again.

"However, our firm belief is that NSA Scotsheep is a crucial event for the sheep industry in Scotland and further afield – it is important for the industry but also for the social aspect of the farming community, and there is no doubt that people will be keen to get back to a more normal way of life as soon as possible”.

To find out more about what is happening at NSA ScotSheep Event 2020 visit the event website at www.scotsheep.org.uk

With regards to NSA Sheep Event 2020, although the situation could change suddenly, NSA is, as of today (March 20), sitting tight and not making any decisions about changing the date.

NSA is aware that many people are looking for answers and decisions and we recognise and apologise for the uncertainty this causes. We will be watching the situation very closely and will notify stand holders, trade, sponsors, and the wider industry as things become clearer.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “It would be easy to simply make the decision to cancel or postpone NSA Sheep 2020 but the ramifications of this are huge and the planned date of the July 28 is not too close to be forced into any decision now. We are looking at potential alternatives if we are forced to cancel this event, but if we are, people can be sure that we will be running something similar as soon as the opportunity allows.

"NSA Sheep 2020 is too important and valuable an event to simply abandon. I would appeal to all our supporters and partners to bear with us, we will keep people informed as early as we can and look forward to working with our many partners in every way we can.”

To find out more about what is happening at NSA Sheep Event 2020 visit the event website at www.sheepevent.org.uk