A FARMER whose daughter-in-law is a paramedic has paid colourful tribute to key workers carrying out essential jobs during the pandemic.

Dave Wood, of Colburn Grange, near Catterick, constructed the large display of gratitude to health care and key workers on top of a trailer.

He was helped by his son Martin and grandchildren Tillie and Chloe.

Mr Wood said he was inspired to show his support as his daughter-in-law, Marie, is a paramedic working on the frontline.

But he also wanted to thank all the key workers - including fellow farmers.

He said: “It’s just a little thing to show our support for the NHS workers and everyone else who are key workers.

“Farmers are key workers as well, we are keeping going and we just wanted to show our support for all of them.”

The display features a large rainbow and bears the messages ‘We support the NHS and key workers’,’ stay safe’ and ‘we’ve got this’.

Mr Wood added: “We’ve put it on the roadside here hoping that everyone can see it, as they have, and people have commented very nicely.”