WENSLEYDALE Show is still going ahead but this year will be online.

The Wensleydale Show committee is offering a tailored schedule of 60 classes that encompasses the usual sections but with emphasis on classes that can be visually judged and lend themselves to lockdown projects.

This includes the sponsors' special class for the best agricultural or rural photograph featuring a Co-op bag or logo; the best family creation using straw bales, a novelty decorated birthday cake; an upcycled item; the most adorable local donkey; and best young handlers in sheep, beef cattle and dairy.

Across sections for novelty, horticulture, cookery, handicrafts, young people's classes, vintage vehicles, horses, poultry, sheep, dairy and beef cattle, the Wensleydale Show offers classes in this year's special online format that should appeal to a wide audience.

The Wensleydale Agricultural Society Ltd is keen to acknowledge the importance of the show to the local community and has balanced the open classes with a number that are limited to local entrants.

The full schedule is now available online at the dedicated website www.wensleydaleshowonline.co.uk, as well as on the Wensleydale Show facebook page, the Instagram page and as a printed version in Towlers in Leyburn.

The closing date for entries and submissions is Monday, August 10, with class winners announced on the show day of Saturday, August 27, while the bank holiday weekend will enable a public vote on the Champion of Champions.

Kenton Foster Wensleydale Show chairman said: “ I am delighted that the committee has embraced this concept. As a group, we were devastated to have to cancel the 2020 show, but it was our responsibility to our helpers, exhibitors and the public.

"However we feel this online event, while not a replacement is an alternative. With the support of headline sponsors, the Co-op, we are making the online show a reality and maintaining the positive spirit of the Wensleydale Show.

"We are pleased that entry will be free and over the coming weeks will announce special prizes that we are offering.

"New sponsors are coming on board all the time and with the online show showing some of the best Wensleydale and Yorkshire has to offer to visitors, we hope other companies and businesses that would normally trade through and support our show to become involved."

Follow the campaign and online show at www.wensleydaleshowonline.co.uk.