With the world slowly beginning to open back up from recent Covid restrictions, Thomas Armstrong, director and chartered surveyor for H&H Land & Estates looks at what this means for land sales by public auction.

“Traditionally the lead in time for a property auction is six to eight weeks, therefore, due to COVID restrictions, we have only recently been able to get going with public auctions again.

“We do of course offer an online service, but have generally found that our clients preferred to wait for the more traditional auctions to get going, presumably in the hopes that the atmosphere round the rostrum will help to drive sale prices.

“We have recently held two auctions which have both been a resounding success, suggesting the land market is moving to new levels.

“Land at Blindcrake, Cockermouth, sold at unprecedented levels on July 14, going for 35% above the guide price at £945,000.”

“We then held an auction for land at Murton, a block of allotment grazing land, selling at new levels, well above guide price, for what some might suggest was poor land.

“This recent success will attribute to the recent flurry of people looking to take advantage of the trade.

“We already have two more auctions coming in September: land & stables at Newtown, Irthington, 0.72 acres and timber stables with a guide price of £20,000 for sale in Newtown Village Hall on 16th September 16; Piper Hole Barn, Ravenstonedale, a traditional stone barn with development potential, being sold in Ravenstonedale High Chapel Community Centre on 29th September 29.