THEY look like grains of rice and toy vehicles, but they are Mule gimmer lambs in pens ready for auction at Hawes yesterday along with the wagons for transportation and farmers' vehicles.

The awesome photograph has been taken with a drone by Thomas Beresford and looks like patchwork or a collage.

The event was the start of the annual two-day show and sale on behalf of the North of England Mule Sheep Association (NEMSA) with prizes for pens of 10.

The results on Monday were:

1st : JW & ME Taylor , High Laning, Dent

2nd : NC Marston, Millstone Moor

3rd : A & R Caton , Otterburn

4th : M/s Fairburn , Marriforth

5th : M/s Taylor, Swathburn

6th : NC Marston, Millstone Moor.

The results for Tuesday are:

1st : M/s Shields

2nd : M/s Allan , Greenhow

3rd M/s Lord

4th: M/s Porter

5th: M/s Willoughby

6th: M/s Allan, Lakethwaite