AN agricultural app firm that moved into Northallerton's Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) earlier this year is flourishing in its new home.

Ag-drive was founded by Will Dunn and is now based on Hambleton District Council’s Treadmills development in Northallerton.

Ag-drive is an app for farmers and agricultural contractors which allows users to schedule, track, and manage their work digitally.

Launched in June, it was developed by the Helmsley farmer / contractor after he had watched his father struggle with paper invoices and timesheets.

“I wanted to solve the problems he experienced first-hand,” he said.

“My dad would have a paper-based diary and time sheets that would be handed to him by his team every fortnight, which we’d have to invoice from.

"A lot of the time, you couldn’t even read these timesheets, sometimes there was a job missing off them, sometimes they were completely wrong.

“My app tackles this issue by making businesses fully accountable for the work they do, via a paperless system.”

Already more than 60 businesses have already signed up, totalling over 200 users from New Zealand to Scotland.

Will has been involved with C4DI from the apps inception – working with the team in Hull, and once he saw the Northallerton base was opening he jumped at the chance of becoming a community member.

“When I found out about Northallerton I thought, I’ve got to take the plunge,” he added.

“Now I am working with others in the community including on my social media and web presence.

C4DI is a great network to belong to – it is linking me with people and businesses that I wouldn’t have had any contact with otherwise.”

C4DI Northallerton focusses on tech companies and traditional businesses working primarily within the agriculture, food processing and digital sector, the centre works alongside C4DI in Hull to bring together businesses through custom innovation programmes and startup incubation.

It gives traditional business access to skills and expertise and tech companies unrivalled supply chain and mentor access.