If you can't get enough of our fluffy four-legged friends, why not consider becoming a Guide Dog puppy raiser?

Whether you can't get enough of all things dogs or you dream of making a difference, here's the sign that you have been looking for.

Writing on social media, the UK sight loss charity Guide Dogs said: "Are you the perfect match for one of our guide dog pups?"

They added: "Helping people living with sight loss is what they're born to do, but that doesn’t mean they’re born ready to do it Dog lover? Have some time? We need you! Find out about Puppy Raising."

Here's everything you need to know about being a Guide Dog Puppy raiser to prepare you for the most adorable and important role you could have.

UK sight loss charity launches call for Guide Dog Puppy Raisers

Becoming a Puppy Raiser (previously known as Puppy Walker) is all about preparing a puppy with the virtual foundation needed to be a guide dog. 

Your role will include looking after a puppy for 12-16 months where you will take them through training, socialisation, and the introduction to new environments and experiences.

All while providing the fluffy pup with a loving home. 

What a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser does

Your role will include engaging with the charity's world-class Puppy Raising for Excellent Partnerships (PREP) training programme.

You will also be required to care for and support your puppy at home including all of the grooming, feeding and loving that comes with the territory.

Socialising your puppy and introducing them to a variety of environments in order to increase confidence as well as gradually teaching your puppy to be comfortable alone for short periods.

The role also means taking your puppy to monthly classes where you will get the chance to interact with other Puppy Raisers in your community whilst refreshing your own training and sharing tips with others.

You will also frequently meet your volunteer manager so that you can discuss any changes or issues with your puppy. 

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What does the ideal Guide Dog Puppy Raiser look like?

The sight loss charity is looking for the following qualities from its Guide Dog Puppy Raisers:

  • A loving home with enough time to invest in raising a puppy.
  • Someone at home who is physically able to handle large breed dogs (around 25-40kg).
  • Access to a car, so that you can get your puppy used to travelling.
  • The agreement of your landlord to have a dog in the property if you rent your home. 
  • A safe secure area outside for your puppy to go to the toilet.

For more information about the incredible volunteer role or to ask any questions you may have, visit the Guide Dogs website.