Drivers of farm and construction vehicles are being urged to play their part in helping to keep the highways safe by not leaving mud on the roads.

North Yorkshire Council says people have been reporting muddy roads across the county and so it is calling on drivers of agricultural and construction vehicles to be responsible when using public routes, for the benefit of all users.

Councillor Keane Duncan, the council's executive member for highways and transportation, said: “We understand that this is a busy time in the farming calendar, and that this year the prolonged period of rain is likely to have made conditions worse than usual.

The Northern Farmer: People have been reporting  mud  on roads

“However, that makes it more important than ever that if farmers or construction vehicle drivers do need to use public roads, they take their responsibilities seriously. Doing all they can to ensure mud is not left on our roads not only helps to keep other road users safe, but also protects those drivers from the risk of legal action.

“Most do act responsibly, but there are some that break the law. If mud on the road results in injury, damage to property, loss or inconvenience, legal action can follow, with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment.”

Farmers or construction vehicle operators must keep to their own farm roads whenever possible; and keep to low speeds and prevent mud from being deposited by removing any excess before driving on to roads.

They must be prepared to hire equipment to promptly remove deposits, and use authorised signs prominently positioned for road users to see.

They must also clean the road as necessary during the working day and always at the end, ensure that equipment and labour is available and is suitable for the soil and weather conditions, and when using a contractor, ensure agreement is reached beforehand on who is responsible for mud on the road - such as signs and cleaning - and that suitable public liability insurance is in place.

To report mud on the road, visit