To carry out the independent review of the underlying governance of ‘Red Tractor’, the NFU has appointed Campbell Tickell, who is a multi-disciplinary management consultancy, specialising predominantly in governance.

The organisation's focus is on providing counsel to charitable, not-for-profit, and public sector organisations.

The independent review is set to look into the administrative measures made by Red Tractor, discovering who is conferred with decisions on the development of standards against feedback and how adequately stakeholders are informed about business developments.

Campbell Tickell will look to iron out issues within the process and address them appropriately. The independent review team will speak to a broad section of those involved within the Red Tractor process, such as farmer representatives, to allow a clearer understanding of how the process currently facilities.

In late January 2024, the proposed new findings of the independent review will be brought forward to the NFU Council and the Red Tractor Ownership Body, having previously agreed to stand by the findings and approved the terms of reference. The final report shall be made available in mid-February.

The review comes after widespread criticism of Red Tractor when it announced a voluntary environmental module within the scheme.