Plans to build a poultry house to allow a farm to convert to higher welfare, low stock density, incorporating concrete apron, surface water soakaway and underground dirty water tank, have been submitted to Darlington Borough Council.

Manor Farm Poultry Unit, at Low Dinsdale, Neasham, near Darlington, is moving permanently to the new higher welfare standard which essentially means a reduction in stocking density from the current legal limit which is 38kg/m3 down to the new higher welfare standard which is a maximum of 30kg/m3, providing the birds with significantly more space within the buildings.

The existing seven poultry houses will be reduced in stocking density down to 219,120 birds.

It is proposed to erect an additional poultry house on the site which will accommodate 34,160 birds.

With the reduction in stocking density across the existing site, the capacity of the whole site will decrease from the existing 273,900 birds down to 253,280 birds which is a reduction 20,620 birds.

The proposed development involves the erection of one poultry house for the rearing of broiler chickens on the new higher welfare, lower stocking density of 30kg/m3.