A farming family set to be impacted by road closures as part of newly approved bypass plans said they have been left in a “very worrying” position.

Councillors recently approved proposals for a third main route in and out of Hartlepool from the A19 to allow traffic to bypass the village of Elwick.

The application, submitted by Hartlepool Borough Council officers, includes stopping all access to and from the A19 via Church Bank as well as preventing vehicles joining the A19 from Coal Lane.

Susan Leonard, 73, said her family have run Dovecote Farm, in Elwick, for nearly 100 years, however the closures will stop vehicles being able to turn left from their farm to join the A19 southbound.

The Northern Farmer: Elwick sign where new route into Hartlepool will be created

She explained the alternative route, which involves passing through Elwick village to join the new bypass, will be “impossible” for larger farm and delivery vehicles.

Following the planning decision, she stressed they have “no objection to the bypass” but reiterated closing off the access point to and from the A19 does “not make good sense at all” given the impact on businesses.

She added: “We’re really frustrated that they’re pushing ahead with the plans to close the roads.

“At the moment it just feels quite hopeless. It’s very worrying.”

She added they plan to “speak to somebody legally” to get an idea of their position, but acknowledged it is a “real tough one” given the risks involved.

Relatives who live on the farm include her 97-year-old father, Fred Grieves, who has lived there since he was two weeks old.

Ms Leonard added: “When something happens to my dad, we’ll be looking to sell, what impact will it have on the sale of the farm knowing that you can’t get in or out? You can’t go anywhere.”

She added the closures will leave them unable to farm at their other site in Coxhoe.

Planning documents noted the junctions are to be closed as they are within 1km of the new grade separated junction which is “contrary to Design Manual for Roads and Bridges standards.”

A report from council planning officers stated the closures were “associated adverse impacts”, however “they are considered not to be critical to the functions and operations within the area.”

Ms Leonard added: “There doesn’t seem to be any fight whatsoever for us. They don’t seem to care at all.”