Police have issued a warning amid a recent rise in quad bike thefts. 

On Facebook, the Cumbria force wrote: "Spring has sprung.... but with the lambs, daffodils and blue skies sadly comes a rise in quad thefts.

"We know how valuable quads are to our resident farmers, so we urge you to spend some time checking and increasing your security measures:

"Lock it down.... Think secure fences and gates, good quality chains and padlocks.

"Who's watching.... Bright lights, motion sensors, motion detected CCTV that alerts you.

"Secure your gear... Make it less enticing - mark your property. We recommend SelectaDNA and Datatag ID Limited.

"Hidden talent... Contact your dealership and enquire about a tracker. Many offer deals, and you could be entitled to an insurance discount too.

"Promote... Signage to inform folk of the measures installed is a great deterrent.

"Whilst most quad thefts happen through the hours of darkness, we have recently seen daytime thefts too. And we believe people are scoping out places in advance during the day.

"See something suspicious? Call it in to us. We want to know."