Police are working with farmers to combat dog attacks as part of Sheep Worrying Awareness Week. 

Officers in Cumbria will be supporting the National Sheep Association by encouraging dog owners to keep a lead on their dogs whilst they are around livestock. 

Operation Recall aims to considerably reduce the number of incidents where animals are injured, suffer, or are killed as a consequence of a dog attack.

As part of Operation Recall, the Cumbria Police Rural Crime Team has been out in the county, speaking to farmers, and gaining insight into how they have been affected by dog attacks and livestock worrying.

PCSO Karen Dakin said: "When I've been speaking to the farmers, they are very clear that the countryside code is for everybody and applies all year round.

"So, even though we've got more visitors going into spring and summer, the code still applies all year round and it's for everyone to follow. 

"This is not only for livestock but for other wildlife that might be disturbed by walkers and dogs alike. 

"Make sure that you stick to footpaths and that you go into the areas you're permitted to go into."

Farmer Jim Gorst said: "We got a call from a neighbour to say a dog was worrying the sheep and they thought it had just killed one. 

"By the time I got there, the police had got there as well. Three sheep had been killed and the rest were traumatised running around in a group, as they were for three or four days afterward. 

"It's not very nice dealing with the sheep, one had gotten into a ditch, and we had to get it out with it being covered in mud. 

"It's very traumatic to deal with, not just for the sheep but for us. There is also the monetary loss to consider."