Arla says it is working to stop 'harmless' smells coming from its site in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Residents have taken to social media over the last several weeks to complain about odours from Settle Creamery in Sowarth Field Industrial Estate.

One said the smell was awful for the town and was even putting off potential buyers of houses in the area.

They said: "It’s been going on for about six months and Arla are being totally uncommunicative and evasive about it. Loads of residents have complained to Environmental Health and the local council but nothing seems to change.

"The recent hot weather is likely to make the problem worse.

"It is awful for the town, and is putting off prospective buyers of nearby homes. The residents that live nearby are desperate - especially as they want to step foot outside and open windows through the spring and summer."

Arla said it had been engaging with Giggleswick Parish Council and Settle Town Council and wanted to reassure people it was working to rectify the issue.

An Arla spokesperson said: "In 2021 we completed a major refurbishment of our Arla Settle Creamery so that we could significantly increase outputs at the site, and we have recently finished further work to help optimise production.

"Following the completion of this work we have seen an unexpected increase in a harmless odour being omitted from the site, but we would like to reassure residents that we are working to rectify this, as quickly as possible, and we are hopeful that we have found a solution.

“We have been actively engaging with local residents, businesses, our local EA officer, Giggleswick Parish Council and Settle Town Council in respect to any complaints received and we are keeping them updated with our progress.

"We would like to thank local residents for their understanding as we work to find a solution, but we would encourage anyone who would like to speak to Arla Foods, to get in touch via our consumer care line (0113 382 7009), where we would be happy to provide further."