Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show is heading back to its roots by fostering new relationships with Cumbria Young Farmers (CYF).

The committee is appealing to CYFs members, aged 10 to 28, to get involved in its sporting events.

The show began more than 170 year ago, starting life as a sheep tournament which served as a competition for bragging rights among farmers.

Hound trailing was another tradition farmers relished in, bringing the best dog to the fell and encouraging it back home.

The Grasmere Sports committee has been attending meetings and Field Days with CYF members to encourage participation in future events.

Financial aid was also provided to two CYF branches - Broughton-in-Furness and Crook - assisting in their charitable fundraising efforts.

Committee member Mark Jackson, who is leading Grasmere Sports back to its farming roots, said: "Our connection with Cumbria Young Farmers Clubs and the Sports and Show is our way of sustaining and strengthening our roots in the agricultural community across our county.

"This connection will become stronger over the coming years as we create mutually beneficial opportunities for young people, and specifically Young Farmers, to play an active role in the Sports. 

"These opportunities will be available on the sports day itself but also throughout the year, through our provision of access to the facilities at the sports field.

“We shall continue to support young people in our county by providing them with opportunities to participate in traditional Lakeland Sports and activities, and support their development through the use of the assets that we have available to us.”

It is hoped that CYF will take a free trade stand at this year's show.

The committee would also like to see CYF members compete in the traditional Tug O'War event or take up volunteering positions.