Hikers have been advised not to turn their back on cattle after two trampling incidents in a National Park so far this year.

A woman was left unconscious after being trampled by cows on School Knott, Windermere, in May this year. She was lifted out of the area by the air ambulance. A month before, a hiker was hospitalised when she was trampled by cows on Wansfell. 

A spokesperson from the Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team said: "She sustained a few different injuries and after treatment by us, she was taken to hospital by the North West Air Ambulance for further attention."

The Lake District Park Authority said cows with calves would be protective of their young "so you should avoid getting too close".

A spokesperson added: "If you mistakenly do, then please don’t make a run for it, move away slowly. Don’t turn your back on the cattle and don’t make eye contact as they can find this intimidating.

“The countryside code advises that dogs should always be under close control around livestock but if you are feeling threatened by cattle the advice is to drop the lead to allow your dog to run away.”

More information on the Countryside Code can be found here: https://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/visiting/countryside-code