A North Yorkshire producer of rapeseed oil is urging shoppers to look closer to home for olive oil alternatives.

As olive oil prices are set to hit an all-time high, with some premium brands due to top £16 a litre this summer, shoppers may need to think about buying Yorkshire.

Olive oil prices are rising due to a drop in global supply.

Currently a litre of Filipo Berio extra virgin olive oil retails for £13.85 a litre, whilst littleseed extra virgin rapeseed oil from Thixendale, near Malton, is £7.50 a litre.

Farmer and littleseed MD Adam Palmer says consumers need to consider the high-quality cooking oils made in the UK.

He said: “There is no better time for consumers to start looking beyond the wall of olive oils they find in almost every supermarket and try extra virgin or cold pressed rapeseed oil.”

Extra virgin olive oil typically has a fruity, and sometimes peppery flavour. The flavour varies depending on the variety of olives used to make it and the region it is produced in.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil has a mild and nutty flavour compared to olive oil.

Its mellow flavour makes it ideal for a wide variety of different cooking and baking applications because it works well as a vehicle for the other flavours in a recipe.

The different types of oil are produced the same way, with rapeseed oil having a higher smoke point before it releases unpleasant chemicals.

Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for using for dressing and drizzling because of its unique and distinct flavour. However, due its relatively low smoke point, it is not recommended for cooking with at higher temperatures.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil is ideal for using cold as a dressing, as well as baking, roasting and frying. Cold pressed rapeseed oil’s higher smoke point is the key to its versatility because the oil does not start to break down until it reaches a much higher temperature than olive oil.

Rapeseed contains less saturated fat than olive oil, and both have beneficial monounsaturated fats. As it is grown in the UK, its food miles are far less.

Mr Palmer, who has produced, rapeseed oil for 16 years added: “As producers and farmers we absolutely need to shout louder, but we need the support of the British press, health professionals and chefs to bring attention to the high quality, nutritionally rich cooking oils being made here in the UK.”